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Education on the Rite Nite

The Tulsa Scottish Rite and R:.W:. Bob Davis, 33°, G.C., will hold a RiteNite on Thursday, February 21st at Drumright Lodge #460 210 N. Ohio  Drumright, OK
Dinner at 6:00; Presentation at 7:00
Join us for our first RiteNite of 2019!   Help us spread the word and invite your local Brothers!
Because of the material covered, this presentation is for Scottish Rite Masons only.
Instead of always expecting our members to come to the Rite, we are bringing the Rite to you!
A carpool will organized from the Tulsa Scottish Rite.
RSVP to so the chef can know how much food to prepare!
We hope to see you there, and don’t forget your Cap!

Wednesday Morning Social – 9:00am –
Breakfast and Coffee for all Masons and Potential Masons

Upcoming Special Events:

February 14 – Valentines DayDon’t forget!

February 18 – President’s Day
Valley Office Closed

February 21 – Education on the RiteNite
Drumright Lodge – 212 N. Ohio, Drumright, OK
Dinner at 6:00, Presentation at 7:00

March 16th – Tech Rehearsal for all Degree Teams
Contact the Office to reserve a time slot to practice!

Now Accepting Candidate Petitions!

The Tulsa Scottish Rite is introducing a new Lodge based educational program.  Br. Bob Davis, 33°, G.C., in partnership with the Tulsa Valley, offers an in-depth explanation of the 29 Degrees of the Rite.

Introducing Tulsa Scottish Rite’s
Education on the Rite Nite

Each presentation will cover one of the Degrees, and will discuss its symbols, origins, and application to today’s life.  These topics are not explained much in the Reunions, and this gives our members a chance to learn more about the Degrees.

Because of the material covered, these presentations are for Scottish Rite Masons only.

Instead of always expecting our members to come to the Rite,

we are bring the Rite to you!

Be on the lookout for an Education on the Rite Nite coming to a Lodge near you!

For questions, or to request an Education on the Rite Nite at your Lodge, please contact

Now Is The Time To Join The Scottish Rite!

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is commonly known as the Scottish Rite. It is one of several appendant groups of the worldwide fraternity known as Freemasonry.

The Scottish Rite is one of the two branches of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason may proceed after he has completed the three degrees of Symbolic or Blue Lodge Masonry. The other branch is known as the York Rite, consisting of Royal Arch Masons, Royal and Select Masters and the Knights Templar.

If you are a Master Mason, in good standing, and want to continue your Masonic education, please consider becoming a Scottish Rite Mason.  Now is the time!

  Whether you already are a member of our Order, a prospective member, or simply an interested person, we extend to you a cordial and friendly welcome!  We sincerely hope that your visit with us will be educational and informative.  It is our desire and wish that you will learn more about our Fraternity, what it teaches, and how we serve both God and our fellow human beings through it.